So you guys know I received this wonderful 1/8 scale GSC Oshino Shinobu figure a while back, right? This will be my first ever review, so please go easy on me. I will also say that I can be a bit picky at times on things, and that this is all just my opinion. You don't have to agree with it, but I'd love it if people were to read and comment below too. So without ado, let's begin!

Starting from her base, what made me fall in love with this particular piece of art was the details. You can see the amount of effort that was put onto the base alone, I can't seem to tell if it's airbrushed or if it's hand-painted, but the colors looks really nice. You can also see that on the base, that the sculptor made references to the other female heroines in the series as well. Upper left picture would be Hanekawa's glasses and cat ear, also.. Meme's shoe in the background of that. 

Upper right image, you can see Nadeko's hat, as well as the sunny-side up eggs, referencing Araragi's twin sisters. 

Lower left image, Araragi's head with a stapler. Possibly referencing not just Araragi, but also Senjougahara as well.

Lower right image, you can see Hachikuji's pink backpack.. but I have no idea what that strange yellow oddity is. If you also look closely, you can see Kanbaru's arm in the background of this image holding a donut. 

I really like some of the subtle references here. If you didn't look closely enough, you'd only notice mostly the adorable donuts. 

The above are just more images of her base for you guys to see from different perspectives. Now, the only thing I didn't really liked was that where Shinobu sits, the donuts are clearly a different color. But I guess you can't expect the artist(s) to make the entire base pretty. That would probably take too much time and effort. Also, the last thing I disliked was that the entire bottom of the base isn't actually circular like a donut. You can clearly see that there are edges on the lower-bottom left image. This is one of the reasons I wouldn't give this a 10/10, but then again, nothing is ever truly perfect, right? 

Base: 9/10

Now moving onto her body and dress..

Upper left image, you can see there are clearly flaws in the paint work. There's clearly pink where there shouldn't be, under her dress. 

Upper right image, you can clearly see a "dress" seam. Whether this was done intentionally or not, I'm not sure. You guys make the judgment call here.

Lower left image, I don't see anything wrong with her hair. You could argue that there is a lack of details, but Bakemonogatari as a series isn't about the details on their characters. The coloration of the hair is extremely accurate of the character in the show though.

Bottom right image, her arm and hand. Pretty normal here, nothing crazy good or crazy bad. You can see she does have finger nails. 

I'm just going to skip naming which parts I'm reviewing on now since you kinda get the format. Anyways, in this portion, the front of her dress is pretty much as almost as perfect as can be. They didn't mess up the front at all. The details are astonishing! The face is probably one of my favorite features of this figure, I really loved the amount of details they put into her eyes, her blush, and the mouth. Even the bite on the donut was great; there's a mark on the part that she bit on. It's not a generic donut that just goes right in there. 

Face: 9/10

Now we're moving onto her hat. You can see that the goggles on her hat are actually transparent! They didn't just overlay it with black paint. I loved that about this part. The underside of the helmet is not too impressive, personally. But I did love the work that they did on the outside of it. 

They also put a lot of effort on her bottom portions. Right where she sits, you can see her underwear, and all of the dress underneath was painted. The colors really mesh well together, nothing was overly dark mixed in with a bunch of light colors. 

Outfit: 8/10

Base: 9
Face: 9
Outfit: 8
Overall: 8.7 / 10

So overall I would score this 8.7 out of 10. They did a fantastic job on the details, I really just adore her face and base. Her outfit was done a great job as well, and they definitely did a service on the character as a whole. Granted that there were some small mistakes on the paint job, but nobody can really be perfect, right? I hope you guys liked this entry of my blog. Agree? Disagree? Comment below! I look forward to hearing from you guys! Check out my blog here and my Twitter at @FlatchestedMaid. I also have a MyFigureCollection account as well, named MaidAndToh. See you guys next time!
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