Hello! This is Flatchested Maid again! It's been a very long time, guys! For those that didn't know, I had the blog "Mimoto's Reminiscence" about a few years back when I ranted about things, or posted stuff about tea and otaku culture things. Well, a few years and went by and I am still into collecting figures.. again (lol). I had quit temporarily when I moved from PA to CA, and needless to say I came back to PA again. I am currently living with my girlfriend, Tohritos! We currently both use Twitter and MyFigureCollection pretty often, so feel free to follow us on those as well. We both have a joint account on MFC named MaidAndToh .

So recently, me and Toh bought some figures from Tokyo Otaku Mode and Mandarake. We had gotten our 2nd Detolf built, so now we are putting our newly purchased figurines into the 2nd case. So from TOM, I had bought a GSC Shinobu Oshino 1/8 PVC in new quality. Box was untouched, was even wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper! I really loved the details that was put into the donuts base.. Anyways, enough about myself, I will let Toh type now! I will just type in this blue colored text and let her type in a different color. (orange, obviously) This'll be different than the usual as I'm used to running a blog by myself, but I think this'll give me motivation to blog again! (he should have motivation considering I'm doing all of the work formatting and making this whole thing...) I've had online friends asking me to reblog again, so I'm hoping you all will comment on a few of our posts! We are looking forward to your comments and thoughts! Thanks..! 

I really don't have much to add in this post so please take this sexy bonus picture. You're welcome. (That Sonico "cloth" is huge and very amazing. I love it and do recommend!)

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